Monday, 30 October 2017

1 day of the holiday

In the holiday I had a great one because I went to my cousins house and played on the ps4 and read books.It was fun because I love being on the bike so I could get my leg muscle pumping.I love being at my cousin but mostly I love school.I love how they make their breakfast but my auntie teached me how to make scrambled eggs and she also teached me how to make bacon I love my mum from ordering pizza for us and also I get to keep a drinks that was for dinner I felt lucky because I got a full pizza and everybody else just got half from each pizza so after that I had my great time playing games watching movies and reading what I have being reading is a bible.Me and my cousin were having a movie night after the adult were sleeping we watch the it movie that has been created this year it was not that scary it was just popups this was at second to last day to school day

if i only had a brain

If I only had a brain my brain will be named as hungy.He got the name because he is hungry alot. Me and him eat a lot of food but at least we eat vegetables like carrot tomato. We eat mcD's kfc wendy's burger kings.We ate to much that we got fat so instead we drink water that are flavour berry peach. That made me better.

Hungy was better when Me and Hungy fell to sleep.
When we woke up me and him ate pizza then my mum said stop eating you fatty also where have you been getting food and I said friends house and she give me a slap that made go in my room that was a really powerful slap from my mum she is so strong she can lift 99999 pound truck.

My mum has a strong brain her name is Tina.Tina is a really strong brain to my mum she can make my mum strong and really heavy and first I thought I was heavy maybe I need to eat more to become heavy.Tina controls my mum and she likes it

made up story

There was a teacher in a school called the superhero school

He was the strong and mighty he was a fighter once he life a really heavy and big building well every time some people say he is not strong they say it is just a created house but they were not right so after he was a really helpful superhero teacher he teach really hard to help student be a better superhero and he teach them how to lift a lot of weights but the student said we can’t lift it as the were speaking there was a giant fat man he said I will eat all of you like how I ate 12 cows.Mr strong had a idea that was stupid he said we are going in the belly so what I mean is we are going to get eaten and kill him or I can super jump and get eaten and kill him and I will come out the backdoor.

They all said NO we are not going in so you go in and come out the backdoor and also what is the OH NO DON’T YOU THINK ABOUT IT       

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Lion cubs

Lion cubs are so cute and I want them as a pet

Lion cubs are at zoo and they are born from female Lions

Tuesday, 29 August 2017


A lion is a predator and it is a wild animal

 gorillas go crazy sometimes but it like this movie King Kong but looks like harambe.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

My family

Today I am going to tell you about my family.So let's tell about my mum 21 or 22 I forgot her age but she fights with dad.Now my dad I don't know his age but he's the one that couse the trouble for every thing he thinks he is the boss of my nana's  house so like he tells everybody what to do but not my nana because he is scared of her because she does hard slaps!!!!.Now my sister  she is so annoying because she cries a lot and she even waste our money just to get everything she wants like a toy a pet and she all ways want what I have so like if I have my mums phone SO ANNOYING!!!!!.